Teeth Whitening for Life Program

Whitening.jpg We want you to have a healthy, brilliant smile for life. That is why we invented the free whitening for life program. All of our patients whose mouths are healthy enough to qualify for whitening and who maintain their accounts in good standing with Whitening For Lifeour practices qualify for the fantastic offer of free whitening.

This offer includes the creation of custom made whitening trays once every five years and up to four tubes of whitening solution per year at no cost to you. The whitening tubes, a $100 value, will be dispensed at your cleaning appointments, for FREE !!! In addition, we offer in-office whitening at 50% off once per year.

To be eligible for the program you need to meet the following criteria:

    • Agree to and sign the whitening consent form. See form here.
    • Do not have active, untreated disease – gum (periodontal) disease, decay (caries), root sensitivity, oral cancer, etc.
    • Have had a complete dental examination with recommended records, such as radiographs and photos, within 6 months.
    • Are current with keeping your recommended cleaning appointments (prophylaxis, periodontal maintenance)
    • To receive any promotional discounts your account must be current (no outstanding bills or insurance claims)

We are here to help your smile be healthy and stay well. Regular dental hygiene appointments and exams, excellent home care and treatment of dental problems are essential to maintaining good oral health. While for many, whitening can boost confidence and improve the appearance of your smile, it is important to note that it is not for everyone. Here are a few key pieces of information to consider before whitening your teeth.

    • Whitening success is not always predictable, whitening procedures may not be effective on some teeth
    • Whitening solutions are designed to lift stains from natural teeth and do not effect the color of fillings porcelain or metallic dental work
    • Your home care and professional cleaning are the foundation of a healthy smile - after all deposits left on the teeth are a main cause of tooth discoloration

We reserve the right to change product type, amount, frequency of distribution, terms of agreement, and refusal of distribution for whatever reason necessary.

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